Intel apologizes to China for a letter that was deemed offensive

The semiconductor giant asked its suppliers not to contract services or products from the Xinjianjg region, where mistreatment of the Uighur minority is reported.


Once again, a company offends China  and then is forced to apologize.

This time it happened with Intel, which caused controversy in China after a communication was leaked to its suppliers.

In the December 2021 letter, Intel cites US sanctions related to Xinjianjg, a controversial territory for the treatment received by the Uighur minority.

“We require that our supply chain does not use labor or contract products or services from the Xinjianjg region, ” Intel said at the time.

People’s Daily , the official daily of the Communist Party of China , responded with fury, calling the communication “absurd” and accused Intel of “biting the hand that feeds it.”

The apology

Intel apologized Thursday on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter .

“While our original intention was to comply with US law, this letter has caused many questions and concern for our dear partners in China, which we deeply regret,” Intel said.