Intel video cards are already a reality in laptops

For now, they offer “ entry gaming ”. We will have to wait to see the rest of the family on laptops and desktop PCs .

Intel starts its way in Intel Arc  video cards with graphics for laptops.

The American company officially introduced the three A-series mobile graphics families: Intel Arc 3 , Intel Arc 5 , and Intel Arc 7 .

At an online event, the company focused on Intel Arc 3 , which is now officially on the market.

Intel Arc 3 for Laptops comes in two models: A350M and A370M. Both have 4GB of GDDR6 VRAM, but differ in the number of Xe cores and ray tracing units.

Intel promises with the A370M graphics a good leap over the integrated Iris Xe graphics, passing 60 frames per second in several popular titles such as Hitman 3 , Doom Eternal , F1 2021 , Age of Empires IV and The Witcher 3 .

In the case of massive games like Fornite , GTA V , Rocket League and Valorant , Intel indicates that the A370M graphics go over 90 frames per second.

Laptops with Intel Arc 3 will start at $899 in the US, and Samsung ‘s Galaxy Book 2 Pro is the first laptop to feature them.

Regarding the Intel Arc 5 and Intel Arc 7 , we know that they have configurations of up to 16GB in GDDR6 memory and will not arrive in laptops until the beginning of the northern hemisphere summer, which begins in June.

Intel comes armed to the fight against NVIDIA and AMD

Intel Arc graphics support Xe Super Sampling (XeSS) , Intel’s proprietary supersampling technology to improve graphics and give users more frames per second, similar to AMD’s FSR and NVIDIA ‘s DLSS .

Intel announced that there are already 20 games that will be supported for release in the coming months.

Arc will also have a constant update of drivers compatible with new titles with a Control Center.

And the video card for desktop PCs?

Intel announced that it will release a limited edition Intel Arc card also in the summer (northern hemisphere).