Interstellar travel could be possible even without building large ships

A new study proposes that colonization of other systems using rogue planets is possible .

The Sun will cease to exist as such in about five billion years and will become a red giant , which will expand and destroy Mercury , Venus and Earth , and probably Mars . Although the date is very far away, if we start developing interspace technology we can reduce future difficulties.

The closest neighboring solar system is the Alpha Centauri system , and it is currently impossible to get there “fast”, we don’t have the necessary thruster technology to cover long distances. Nor is it possible to build a giant ship to house human beings during a journey of hundreds of years.

Is there any way we humans can escape our doomed planet? Physics and astronomy professor Irina Romanovskaya asked herself this question.

Voyages with wandering planets

In the latest Romanovskaya study entitled “Migration of extraterrestrial civilizations and stellar colonization: implications for SETI and SETA”, where the scientist proposes that perhaps the best way to move in the universe is to use wandering planets .

Rogue planets are celestial bodies that deliberately move through the cosmos without being anchored to the gravitational pull of any star. A civilization with enough technology could take advantage of the passage of one is these planets to be a “means of transport” to other systems.

The purpose of Romanovskaya’s study is not exactly an instruction manual for developing interspace travel , but one more clue for researchers looking for traces of extraterrestrial civilizations .