Investor interest in cryptocurrencies has plummeted in 2023

The investment levels this 2023 are much lower than those of 2018, before the “boom” of cryptocurrencies .

After being the buzzword and focus for investors, the Crypto landscape is looking less and less attractive.

Events such as the decline in the value of cryptocurrencies and FTX have diluted confidence in this space, while artificial intelligence (AI) attracts more attention.

They want nothing with Crypto

A Fortune analysis based on PitchBook data reveals that, as of May of this year, firms in the Crypto space have only managed to raise $500 million from investors.


This is 98% less than what was raised in 2022, the year in which they raised 21.6 billion dollars from investors.

The current data is even worse than 2018, when Crypto initiatives raised $3.3 billion from investors.

Even so, there are still believers in the Crypto space . Possible legislation in Brazil and the European Union create expectations.