iOS 15: Find My will work even when your iPhone is turned off or factory reset

The application that allows you to find your iPhone will work even if the device is turned off or factory restored, thanks to the upcoming iOS 15.


The upcoming iOS 15 will allow your iPhone to be tracked through the Find My app even if the device is turned off or has been factory reset. 

With the new iOS 15 system, the phone is not really ‘off’ entirely but instead remains in a low power state and acts as an ‘AirTag,’ allowing the device’s location to be captured.

This means that even if your iPhone shuts down due to low battery, you can find it even after several hours. In addition, Apple reports that location tracking will continue to work even if it has been factory reset.

Apple wants to fight theft.

The tech giant reports this new Find My behavior in an alert dialog when the new iOS 15 is installed. The message will appear when the device is running out of power for the first time. 

In the 9to5Mac capture, you can see that the alert box refers to the new Find My feature to help recover stolen items, which is curious since, in general, Apple does not advocate the ability of the tracking app to fight theft.

However, if you want your iPhone actually to turn off, you can change this ability of the tracking app in Settings and disable the low-power Find My mode.