iOS 16 comes to iPhone: what will change and what you should try on your phone

iOS 16 will arrive on the iPhone this September 12 and promises better customization tools.


This Monday, September 12, Apple will officially launch the iOS 16 operating system  for most of its iPhone users .

Owners of an iPhone 8 or later will be able to get this update, which will include a host of new features, all of which focus on privacy and personalization.

What you should try on your iPhone after iOS 16

Edit or cancel message sends in iMessage

Apple ‘s messaging service par excellence is being updated to edit or cancel sent messages, and it will also allow you to mark conversations as ‘unread’ after opening them.

Users will be able to edit messages up to five times in the next 15 minutes after they are sent. Recipients will be able to see the history.

Customize the lock screen

If you like notifications and widgets, now you can customize them on your lock screen, plus you can create mixes with your favorite photos.

The new lock screen gallery showcases a range of lock screen options, including a new weather wallpaper with live weather conditions and an astronomy wallpaper that provides views of the Earth, Moon, and sky. Solar system.

Joy-Con bracket

Now you can play with the controls of the Nintendo Switch console on your iPhone. This is already possible with the PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers.

Play music full screen

iOS 16 re-introduces a full-screen music player on the lock screen with a large album art and wallpaper of the same color. This one comes back since it was last seen in 2016.

Fitness without Apple Watch

Starting with iOS 16 , the Fitness app is now available on iPhone for all users, even without an Apple Watch. The app features a daily activity ring that relies on the device’s motion sensors to estimate a person’s calories burned and steps per day.