iOS 16 for iPhone: When is it coming, how to install it and what devices are compatible?

Apple will release the official version of iOS 16 before the new iPhone 14s hit stores.

iOS 16 already has September 12 as the official release date.

The new version of the operating system will be ahead of the arrival of the iPhone 14 in stores.

In iOS 16 , users will find more customization options, integrating new smart tools from Apple and greater options for sharing content, mainly with other Apple users .

How to install iOS 16?

Apple will release the update on September 12. Users need to go to Settings → Software Update and tap Install Now after the update is downloaded.

iOS 16 is currently in its Release Candidate version , the previous one before the official launch. The most recommended for users with eligible devices is to wait for the official version next Monday.

iOS 16: Which iPhones are compatible with the update?

This version of iOS leaves quite popular models like the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE from 2016 without support.

iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

📵iPhone 6s

📵iPhone 6sPlus

📵iPhone 7

📵iPhone 7Plus

📵iPhone SE (2016)

iPhone COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

At the very least, Apple now requires you to have an iPhone 8 , released in 2017.

📱iPhone 8

📱iPhone 8Plus


📱iPhone XR

📱iPhone XS

📱iPhone Xs Max

📱iPhone 11

📱iPhone 11 Pro

📱iPhone 11 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2020)

📱iPhone 12mini

📱iPhone 12

📱iPhone 12 Pro

📱iPhone 12 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2022)

📱iPhone 13mini

📱iPhone 13

📱iPhone 13 Pro

📱iPhone 13 ProMax

📱iPhone 14

📱iPhone 14Plus

📱iPhone 14 Pro

📱iPhone 14 ProMax

What will happen to my iPhone if I don’t have support for iOS 16?

Owners of iPhones that don’t support iOS 16 will still be able to use their phone without issue in version 15.6.1, but they won’t have access to what’s new from Apple .

Developers will take less account of older versions of software, so the experience with these models will degrade over time.

Apple has released security updates for critical issues in the past, even when it was an older version of iOS