iOS 16 will warn you if you try to pair counterfeit AirPods

iOS 16 will reach all compatible iPhone users on September 12.

One of the new features included in iOS 16 will alert the user if they try to pair counterfeit AirPods with their iPhone or iPad and that, as a result, they may “not behave as expected”.

Since iOS version 15.2, both iPhone and iPad are able to offer the user a history that mentions if they contain replaced components, such as the battery, the screen or the camera in the case of the most recent models.

Now, the new version of Apple ‘s operating system for its phones and tablets will also alert the user if the AirPods they intend to pair are counterfeit.

The specialized portal 9to5Mac has discovered this new feature in the code of the final version candidate (RC) of iOS 16 that Apple made available to developers on Wednesday.

When pairing the AirPods , the system will be able to warn the user if the headphones could not be verified as original and, as a result, may “not behave as expected”.

This notification will offer the option to not connect or the user will be redirected to a support page showing how to identify original AirPods . For the time being, this mechanism will not affect third-party headsets.

iOS 16 very close: Which iPhone are compatible?

iOS 16 will arrive on September 12 with new customization options, integrating new smart tools from Apple and more options for sharing content, mainly with other Apple users .

This version of iOS leaves quite popular models like the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE from 2016 without support.

iPhone NOT COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

📵iPhone 6s

📵iPhone 6sPlus

📵iPhone 7

📵iPhone 7Plus

📵iPhone SE (2016)

iPhone COMPATIBLE with iOS 16

At the very least, Apple now requires you to have an iPhone 8 , released in 2017.

📱iPhone 8

📱iPhone 8Plus


📱iPhone XR

📱iPhone XS

📱iPhone Xs Max

📱iPhone 11

📱iPhone 11 Pro

📱iPhone 11 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2020)

📱iPhone 12mini

📱iPhone 12

📱iPhone 12 Pro

📱iPhone 12 ProMax

📱iPhone SE (2022)

📱iPhone 13mini

📱iPhone 13

📱iPhone 13 Pro

📱iPhone 13 ProMax