iPhone 13: How Much Will It Cost To Repair Your Screen?

It will not vary from the generation of the iPhone 12 in the United States, but what about previous generations of iPhone?

The iPhone 13 have already been shown to the world, faster and with some new options. But … how much will it cost to repair them in case of a very common accident: the broken screen.

Apple has already published the prices of the screen repair (out of warranty) of the iPhone 13 and these are the same as those we see in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 , despite the fact that Apple incorporates in its iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone models 13 Pro Max a variable refresh screen.

Understandably, the Pro Max models are the most expensive to repair. The change of screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is worth US $ 329 in the United States. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 have the same screen change price: US $ 279. In the case of the iPhone 13 mini model , the repair amounts to US $ 229.

The full table: screen changes on the iPhone 13

This is the US repair cost for all supported iPhones , from iPhone 5c to iPhone 13 Pro Max .

Apple clarifies that the warranty does not cover accidental damage.

Device Price (US $)
iPhone 13 Pro Max 329
iPhone 13 Pro 279
iPhone 13 279
iPhone 13 mini 229
iPhone 12 Pro Max 329
iPhone 12 Pro 279
iPhone 12 279
iPhone 12 mini 229
iPhone 11 Pro Max 329
iPhone 11 Pro 279
iPhone 11 199
iPhone XS Max 329
iPhone XS 279
iPhone X 279
iPhone XR 199
iPhone 8 Plus 169
iPhone 8 149
iPhone 7 Plus 169
iPhone 7 149
iPhone 6s Plus 169
iPhone 6s 149
iPhone 6 Plus 149
Iphone 6 129
iPhone SE (2020) 129
iPhone SE 129
Iphone 5s 129
Iphone 5c 129

Can an iPhone repair be cheaper?

This is possible if you have an AppleCare + plan , effectively an insurance offered by Apple that covers even accidental damage at a tempting price. You have to consider something important: not all countries have affiliated businesses.

You will not have problems in the United States or Spain, but in Latin America the AppleCare + page only mentions Brazil and Mexico.

Regarding a repair by third parties, this will be possible as long as you have specialized tools that Apple makes increasingly difficult to obtain. Let us remember that there is strong pressure on the company from the “ Right to repair ” movement .