iPhone 13 with pink screen: What do we know about this problem?

Apple devices are not without problems. Recently, users of the brand new iPhone 13  complained about “the pink screen”.


Such is the case with the owner of an iPhone 13 Pro , who complained on Apple forums.

“I use an iPhone 13 Pro for a couple of days and my screen turns pink for a few seconds and then recharges. It happens all the time, so I can’t use my iPhone ,” he complained in late October 2021.

More users joined with similar complaints. Some (like the author of the original post), managed to receive a new replacement iPhone .

Software problem?

Apple ‘s only official response was to the Chinese public.

MyDrivers found a post by Apple on the Weibo social network , in which it claims that it is a software problem and not the device.

Apple recommends users to back up their data and install the latest version of iOS to rule out any issues.