iPhone 13: Xiaomi and Samsung made fun of the new Apple

Apple’s main competitors agreed on the attacks on the iPhone 13.

It is undeniable that Apple’s event in September, where it usually presents its new iPhones , is one of the most anticipated of the year.

The competition has not ignored the iPhone 13 nor has it spared ammunition. This is how Xiaomi and Samsung attacked the new Apple.

Xiaomi attacks the battery

Xiaomi is the global leader in cell phone shipments, but Apple is the king of the premium range. The Xiaomi Brazil Twitter account “trolled” the event, attacking the iPhone battery.

“Friend, do not make a very long event. Your customers may not have the battery to see it through to the end, ”he tweeted.

In general Apple does not have very high battery capacities and this is a point that the competition always highlights. And only in numbers, Apple loses. The iPhone 13 has 3,240 mAh of battery, while a Redmi Note 10 Pro has 5,020 mAh.

The truth is that optimization in iOS can provide very good autonomy.

Samsung goes straight to the ‘notch’

The Samsung Mobile account in the United States also attacked the iPhone 13 .

He initially hinted that Apple didn’t really introduce anything new. “Does anyone else feel deja vu ? Just us? ”He wondered.

Then he pointed to something that Apple has not been able to overcome, the notch or notch at the top for the Face ID.

“Imagine still having a notch in 2021,” tweeted Samsung.

And yes, the iPhone 13 have reduced the size of their notches , but these already seem outdated before implementations such as holes in the screen or even sensors under the screen.