iPhone 14 Pro: Mass resignations and protests at Foxconn factories put Apple production at risk

The critical situation that the Foxconn factories are going through has caused the assembly.


The iPhone 14  and other models of the Apple smartphone to be in danger.

Foxconn , the main maker of iPhones commissioned by Apple and other technology giants, is experiencing a labor crisis. The company’s main factories located in Zhengzhou, China , have become the scene of multiple protests and massive worker resignations, which will end up harming the production of the most recent mobile series from Cupertino – the iPhone 14 – in more of 30%.

As a new report from the Reuters agency points out , some 20,000 company workers would have left their jobs, also indicating that it is very unlikely that the Foxconn facilities will return to full-scale production before the end of the month of november. A very serious situation considering that this is the only plant in China that makes the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max , the most expensive models in the line

Foxconn’s situation will hurt Apple mobiles

The report mentions that Apple ‘s production loss estimates were “up to 30%” until the end of October, the date on which the first incidents with its employees began to be recorded. However, this projection has already overcome this barrier after the events that took place this week in the “iPhone City”. At the moment, there are no more precise details about how affected the manufacture of iPhone 14 has been compared to other models that are assembled in these plants.

At the beginning of November, the company led by Tim Cook warned that a “significantly reduced availability” of its iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models was already expected by the end of 2022. Therefore, all users who wish to purchase premium mobile equipment from Those of Cupertino will have to wait much longer than expected.

The production of the iPhone 14 is at risk

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are only produced at the Foxconn factory located in Zhengzhou, China . This 1.4 million square meter location, also known as “iPhone City” , became news since, during the COVID-19 pandemic , workers were operating in extremely precarious working conditions, without the possibility of accessing some areas of the city. factory like the cafeteria and with a lack of food and medicine. In addition, they would have been forced to share a room with colleagues infected with the virus and the bonuses promised to the new workers were not paid.

The situation became intolerable last Wednesday, November 23, when some of the employees wanted to escape from the Foxconn facilities to return home to see their families. Through social networks, videos were made viral showing the confrontations that finally managed to suppress those who tried to escape.

Reuters mentions that the 20,000 workers who resigned had been recently hired, so they were not yet part of the iPhone 14 production chain and its models. Foxconn even tried to downplay the situation by saying: “The incident has a big impact on our public image, but little on our (current) capacity. Our current capacity is not affected .

For now, Apple has not made any public comments regarding the situation in the factories of “iPhone City” or how this will affect the production of its mobile phones, but the truth is that the situation is far from being controlled. , a serious fact considering that Christmas is approaching a crucial season for the Californian company.