iPhones outnumber Android phones in the US for the first time

The iPhone market share has exceeded 50% for the first time in US history.

Apple has achieved a feat in the United States by reaching more than 50% market share with its iPhone .

According to the Counterpoint Research report , Apple is also dominating the sale of premium equipment in the world, with 78% of shipments globally.

iOS overtaking Android

In its report, the firm has not only analyzed new sales, but also the total number of active mobile users, also known as “active installed base”.

“ Apple has overtaken Android devices to account for more than half of smartphones used in the US, giving the iPhone maker an edge over its rival as it moves into sectors including finance and care medical”, reads the article in The Financial Times .

“The 50% milestone for the highest iPhone share since its launch in 2007 was surpassed for the first time in the quarter ending June, according to data from Counterpoint Research . Some 150 devices running Google’s Android operating system , led by Samsung and Lenovo, accounted for the rest.

While new phone shipments can fluctuate wildly from quarter to quarter, based on cell phone launch times, active installed base is a more meaningful measure of popularity.

premium sales

Through another report, Counterpoint points out that Apple also dominates the global market for premium equipment, where it has prices greater than 400 dollars.

Those from Cupertino take first place thanks to the shipment of 57% of the total units