Not new to the scoop, KC Walsh reports a tasty indiscretion on Ironheart : according to this rumor, in fact, the antagonist of the series will be none other than Parker Robbins , aka Hood .


“So they’re really going to put Hood in Ironheart , magic versus mechanics,” says Walsh , commenting on a tweet about the many “mystical objects that give powers” ​​in the Marvel Cinematic Universe . We recently saw Shang-Chi rings and Ms. Marvel ‘s bracelet in this category.

Hood also makes use of magical items. Created by Brian K. Vaughan , Kyle Hotz and Eric Powell in The Hood no. 1 (July 2002), Parker Robbins is a petty criminal who kills a Nisanti demon when he breaks into a shed to steal something. With nothing but preparations for a magical ritual, Parker steals the demon’s hood and boots, which he discovers to be endowed with powers: the boots allow you to levitate, while the hood makes the wearer invisible as long as they hold their breath. . Hood then becomes the leader of a powerful crime syndicate, challenges Kingpinand collaborates with Norman Osborn . The cape, however, is mystically linked to Dormammu .

We don’t know how credible that rumor is, but it would be interesting to see a budding superhero like Riri Williams ( Dominique Thorne ) confront Hood . On the other hand, even at the origins of Iron Man there was a clash between magic and technology: in the comics, his first opponent was the Mandarin .

As you know, Riri will build the most advanced armor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Tony Stark , using reverse engineering. He will debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever , whose promo art allowed us to see the MIT student’s Mark I armor . The series will be released on Disney + , and will consist of six episodes.

We will keep you posted.

The cast

For the moment, the cast includes only Dominique Thorne , Anthony Ramos , Lyric Ross , Harper Anthony and Manny Montana .

Riri Williams

Riri Williams ‘ character debuted in 2016 on Invincible Iron Man , created by Brian Michael Bendis (story) and Mike Deodato (art). In the comics, Riri is a 15-year-old African American girl who builds her own version of the armor in her room at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), using reverse engineering on an old Stark armor . The armor was designed by Stefano Caselli .

The headwriter

The headwriter is Chinaka Hodge , who has worked on Snowpiercer and Amazing Stories , but has also been celebrated in her homeland for her poetry collections and her activity as a writer on many major publications.

The directors

Sam Bailey is co-creator of Brown Girls and creator of You’re So Talented ; Additionally, she served as a producer and director on the final season of Dear White People , and directed both the East of LaBrea miniseries and four episodes of Grown-ish . Angela Barnes is also a very experienced television director, having directed several episodes of Gillian in Georgia (which she created), Day by Day, Ambitions, Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet, Blindspotting, Atlanta and other TV series.


Ryan Coogler ‘s involvement with his Proximity is also confirmed : the director of Black Panther plays the role of executive producer, together with Zinzi Coogler , Sev Ohanian , head writer Chinaka Hodge and of course Kevin Feige . For Marvel Studios there are also Louis D’Esposito , Victoria Alonso , Brad Winderbaum and Zoie Nagelhout .