Is Mark Zuckerberg preparing to fight in the UFC?

A strong rumor puts Mark Zuckerberg inside the UFC octagon this weekend. Will be real?

Mark Zuckerberg , the head of Meta, in addition to being a great computer scientist, is also a fan of martial arts, a fact that he has strongly shown in his latest publications.

But what nobody expected is that he was going to participate in a UFC show very soon.

A strong rumor is forming this week and puts the founder of Facebook at the center. That points? That Zuckerberg may be at a UFC company show this weekend.

What is happening with Zuckerberg?

As Vice explains , the UFC organization suddenly announced earlier in the week that it would close its Saturday fight card at the Apex, located in Las Vegas, to the press and the public. That’s an unusual move, and company president Dana White didn’t give a firm explanation for it.

However, on his Wednesday show, MMA journalist Ariel Helwani said he had been told by a “very good source, very close to the event” that it had “something to do with Mark Zuckerberg,” and speculated that it could be Zuckerberg renting the event for him and his friends to watch…or just to be a part of the show.

The rumor was corroborated by the fighter Mackenzie Dern, who said she was “excited” in the presence of Zuckerberg, which prompted her “to put on a good show.” “I know he is renting the entire event.”

Will he go out to the octagon?

Mark Zuckerberg is unlikely to fight in the arena, but if his presence is certain, it will have a lot to do with promoting his long-awaited metaverse and how he might support sports like martial arts.

This extremely bizarre UFC debacle comes after a tumultuous week for the founder, who after officially rising from the world’s third-richest person to 20th, reportedly announced a major “restructuring” of Meta, and with it, layoffs and hiring freeze.