During the Marvel Studios Animation panel at San Diego Comic-Con , Head of Streaming Brad Winderbaum explained.


The animated series  Spider-Man: Freshman Year follows the same pattern as Captain America: Civil War .

Thanks to the new images in the series, we have discovered that Norman Osborn will take over from Tony Stark as Peter Parker’s mentor. The new details confused fans.

Is the series set in the MCU?

Technically not.

It is not canonical in the Earth-616 Universe, but it will recount family events that happened to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in Civil War and then departed due to the changes caused by the Multiverse.

While promoting the release of the I Am Groot series , Winderbaum was interviewed by on the Phase Zero YouTube channel and explained where the series ranks:

“Well, as we said in the panel, it follows the pattern we see in [Captain America:] Civil War. Peter takes the broken Blu-ray player from the trash and enters his department for the famous moment when Tony Stark is waiting for him to offer him the internship and take him to Berlin. But due to things happening in the multiverse, due to new random events, Tony Stark isn’t waiting for him there. It’s Norman Osborn and his life takes an unexpected trajectory that leads him to collide with many unexpected characters from the Marvel universe. ”