Is the fun over?: TikTok will have a ‘Pay Per View’ function

TikTok has been working on a ‘PayWall’ system for content creators to add a viewing price to their videos.


TikTok continues to be the social network that everyone seeks to replicate for success, and the platform with the most appeal for casual or experienced content creators. Thanks to a high level of viral content, the Bytedance app has consistently grown in subscribers, views and revenue, although a new feature could change some things: TikTok is preparing a ‘PayWall’ system.

According to The Information , TikTok will add several features to the system to increase usage and reach other audiences, with the idea of ​​counteracting a visible slowdown in the growth of users over 18 years of age in the United States.

Part of this new wave of features will allow content creators to be able to charge for viewing videos on the site, as a variable to subscription systems on other services. The minimum price would be set at one dollar, but it will be the content creator who decides the final cost assumed by the followers.

An additional fund for creators

In addition to this income system, TikTok has been working on a fund for creators in the US, after carrying it out in Brazil and France. The fund covers up to one billion dollars and serves to cover video revenue for three years, but the company considers including 100,000 new high-profile “tiktokers” in this benefit.

For Zachary Kizer, TikTok spokesperson, “Anyone can be a creator and everyone can enjoy entertainment from our inspiring creators, and our goal is to continue to innovate this experience so that people can express themselves, find their community, and be rewarded for their creativity.” In an email shared by The Verge, the spokesperson mentions that TikTok is “committed to exploring new ways to create a valuable and rewarding experience for the community of creators.”