Is VSG Helix webcam worth buying? Our test results

VSG wants to dominate the area of ​​gaming peripherals with affordable products for users. How did it go with theHelix ?

VSG has entered the Peruvian market with force. The brand of gaming peripherals has been in our territory for several years, but being the sponsor brand of Lima Major 2023 , the great Dota 2 event in our country, gives them a new opportunity to be not only in the eyes of our compatriots, but also of the fans around the world of this video game.

In recent days we have had the opportunity to test one of its products present on the computers of professionals in our capital: the VSG Helix webcam . Following the “space” line, the company tries to enter an area rarely attended: putting our face to Internet games.

VSG Helix Specifications

Color sensor: CMOS 1080P

Connection: USB 2.0

focus: automatic

SPF: 30

Image focus: 8 cm minimum

Microphone: digital (stereo)

Illumination: operation indicator LED

Structure: aluminum alloy


Helix presents us with a rectangular design that gives the impression of solidity and resistance. The material is an aluminum alloy, so the confidence that it will not break in a fall increases.

Its profile is completely flat, with a totally black front with the Helix and VSG logo on the left and right areas, respectively.

In the center we have the opening for the 1080p webcam sensor along with an LED that indicates with green and red color if our equipment is on or off.

A valuable detail of the device is that it has a latch to cover the sensor, giving us that greater sense of privacy.

The connectivity cable is long (1.7 meters) and adds a universal tripod screw for the case in which we want to add our own external structure.

I do not want to go beyond mentioning a phrase that I found when examining the Helix : “At the bottom of the iris, you will find the universe.” SGBV marketing is on the spatial side, a theme that can quickly hook a large number of users.


The VSG Helix is ​​a webcam that I can sum up as practical.

Initially, it is a plug and play device in which the user only needs to connect it (USB-A) to the PC to use it.

As for the colors, the image is optimal in most situations.

In light conditions, both artificial and natural, it provides a remarkable image, although it falls short of providing 100% true color. I feel like it casts some pale colors with less saturation than it should.

The 80° viewing angle is positive. It is not a wide angle as such, but it maintains a correct plane for video calls, streaming and more.

Autofocus is a bit slow, but it does work accurately. I have no complaints about it, considering that with other cameras of different prices it can be a problem to focus.

As for recording, 1080p is clear and is reflected in our conversations. you can set

The microphone has one virtue: it doesn’t sound as bad as I expected. We must be clear on something: this feature is an addition, but it has never been a protagonist. If we want to participate in remote work or we want to broadcast our games live, we do need an added microphone; the one with the webcam is always for emergencies. And if we must use it, the sound it provides is understandable to whoever hears us. Be careful, it even adds an automatic noise cancellation function to avoid external noises

Is VSG Helix worth it?

This webcam is not spectacular, but it fully fulfills all its functions.

It works with a compliant colorization, a good viewing angle, a microphone that gets you out of trouble and a unique privacy tool that, together with the good material from which it is made, forges it as an alternative for the tightest pockets.

Being one of the cheapest webcams on the market, it is a good starting point not so much for remote work or tele-education (since there are cheaper alternatives without so much detail), but for streaming and recording videos with an entertainment focus. .

Reviewed with a unit delivered by VSG from January 27 to date.