Blake Lively will star in It Ends with Us.

A film based on the bestseller of the same name by Colleen Hoover (released in Italy as It Ends with Us. Siamo noi a dire basta , for Sperling & Kupfer). Justin Baldoni , director of Five Feet Apart and Clouds , as well as star of Jane the Virgin , will direct and join Lively in the cast. Christy Hall will write the screenplay.

It Ends with Us will center on Lilly, a girl who has just moved house and is ready to start a new life in college. Lily meets a boy named Ryle and falls in love with him. But just as romance is brewing between them, Atlas, Lily’s first love, reappears and questions her history with Ryle.

Colleen Hoover is currently the best-selling author in the United States, with over 20 million copies, and has written five of the ten best-selling books of 2022. It Ends with Us has been translated into 43 languages ​​and remained on the bestseller list of the 2020s. New York Times for over 90 weeks.

The film will be produced by Alex Saks for Saks Picture Company, with Jamey Heath producing for Wayfarer Studios. Lively and Hoover will executive produce alongside Steve Sarowitz, Andrew Calof and Baldoni for Wayfarer, which owns the rights and will co-finance the project.

The plot of the novel

It’s an evening like any other in the city of Boston and on a rooftop, twelve stories above the street, Lily Bloom is staring up at the clear, boundless sky. For her, that is not an evening like many others. A few hours before her, she attended the funeral of her father, a man she never respected, who snatched her childhood and Atlas from her, her first love. While she tries to forget that terrible day, she is distracted by the arrival of Ryle Kincaid, a handsome neurosurgeon totally focused on her career and avoiding any relationship. Yet over the next few months, Ryle can’t seem to stay away from Lily and finally gives in to her feelings and attraction to her. After a life that isn’t always easy, the girl has everything she wants: the flower shop she’s always dreamed of opening and a boyfriend who loves her. However, something doesn’t add up: Ryle is sometimes standoffish and begins to show a dangerous side, especially when Lily bumps into Atlas. While Lily doesn’t feel safe with Ryle, she quickly realizes that leaving those who hurt us is never easy. Will she then find the courage to say enough?