“It has no identity”: OnePlus founder and current CEO of Nothing reviews the new phone from his former company

Carl Pei co-founded OnePlus , but now runs  Nothing . In his spare time, he also reviews devices and now it’s the turn of the OnePlus 11 .


Carl Pei , co-founder of OnePlus , has decided to review the latest equipment from his previous company: the OnePlus 11 .

The now leader of Nothing gave an extensive video to the OnePlus high-end cell phone , which seeks to fight on an equal footing with traditional brands in the market. What did he say about it?

Carl Pei reviews the OnePlus 11

Carl Pei spent 12 minutes on the cell phone.

In his review, he begins by praising the OnePlus 11 mainly for its “beautiful aesthetics.” He says the subtle textures on the camera module and the edges of the phone make it appear slimmer than it appears.

However, he also criticizes some obvious corner cuts. This includes how the camera module appears to be attached to the rails of the phone, but actually isn’t, and some misaligned button placement. However, Carl frequently returns to how impressed he is with the overall premium feel of the OnePlus 11.

Although in most of the sections Pei ends up convinced of the team, he does mention that he does not understand the change of the customization layer from ColorOS to OxygenOS. For him, it was something that already worked well and “he doesn’t understand why they would change the formula.”

The problem is that the software maintains some awkward situations like opening the app drawer or text blocks that were designed with Chinese characters.

Did you like or dislike your old company’s new phone?

For Carl Pei , the ” OnePlus 11 is great overall, but it doesn’t have a real identity.”

For him, the two points against the team are the lack of brand cohesion that the model has and that the software “is not as polished as he would like.” Despite this, it is a recommended team.