It’s official: Instagram will also charge to verify accounts and give them the blue check

Instagram , like Twitter , is launching the Meta Verified tool for users to pay and obtain different benefits on the social network, such as the long-awaited blue check.


Apparently, Elon Musk either started a trend or already knew what was coming. Now it is Instagram that will charge a subscription so that users can obtain benefits and the most prominent is having the verified account badge.

The new feature, which has already been seen referenced in the app’s source code , will also deliver other benefits with prices ranging from $12 to $15 per month.

Instagram paid, a reality

According to the Instagram Support page itself , the service will be called Meta Verified and, at least at launch, it will not be in Peru.

“Meta Verified is available for personal or professional profiles on Instagram that meet the requirements. At the moment, company profiles cannot request the subscription to Meta Verified, ” says the company.

The subscription will include the following benefits for paying users:

  • A verified account badge
  • Customer service for the most common problems
  • Active monitoring of phishing
  • Priority for Meta Verified profiles in other people’s comments
  • Recommendations on the “Explore” page and in Instagram Reels
  • Exclusive stickers on Instagram Stories

Meta points out that this subscription must be done for each profile in your Instagram account and is not transferred to the associated Facebook account.

Prices for the service

“Good morning and new product announcement: This week we started rolling out Meta Verified, a subscription service that allows you to verify your account with a government ID, get a blue badge, get extra phishing protection against accounts that say be you, and get direct access to customer service”, Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his facebook profile.

Costs will range from $11.99 per month ($14.99 per month on iOS) and will begin rolling out this week in Australia and New Zealand with more countries to follow.


For those who keep the feature active, Instagram will ask you to set up two-step authentication for your account, confirm profile information, verify identity, and select a payment method.