Around James Gunn and Peter Safran , new heads of DC Studios , there is a real storm unleashed by fans. The duo are working on a ten-year plan to revitalize the DC Universe , giving it a homogeneity that will involve films, live-action series, animated series and video games, but the latest news has caused discontent from those who supported the universe built by Zack Snyder : in fact, we know that Henry Cavill will not reprise his role as Superman , and also the other actors may not return (or in any case not in the same roles).


Well, now Gunn has shared a statement in response to criticism and insults from some users, as you can read below.

One of the things Peter and I were aware of when we took the job as heads of DC Studios was the existence of a certain minority of people online who could be, well, rowdy and rude, to put it mildly. Our picks for the DCU are based on what we believe is best for the DC story and characters that have been around for 85 years. Maybe these choices are great, maybe not, but they’re made with a true heart, integrity, and always with history in mind. No one likes to be harassed or insulted — but, frankly, we’ve seen worse. Disrespectful protests will never affect our actions. We were aware that there would be a turbulent time when we took this role, and we knew that sometimes we would have to make difficult and not so obvious choices, especially considering the fragmentary nature of what came before us. But that means little to us compared to our work as the artists and custodians who will help create a vast and wonderful future for DC.


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When a fan accused him and Safran of wanting to do a complete recast of DC characters , with the exception of The Suicide Squad actors , Gunn had the following response:

I keep seeing posts with this false theory. We will not be recasting everyone except the Suicide Squad.

Could the phrase actually mean that there won’t be a recasting of all the actors… or that there will be, and that it will also involve the actors of The Suicide Squad ? We’ll see.