In a long article, The Hollywood Reporter took stock of the current situation in the DC cinematic universe, pending the release of Black Adam .

As we know, Dwayne Johnson has been lobbying for Henry Cavill to be reintroduced into the DCEU and Warner Bros.

is now moving to produce a new Superman solo film , while Johnson is aiming for a cinematic confrontation between the Man of Steel and Black Adam. But these aren’t the only projects starting at Warner / DC.

Apparently, in fact, James Gunn is working on one or more secret films with producer Peter Safran ( Shazam! ). Gunn, former director of The Suicide Squad , will first have to work on the second season of Peacemaker and then, theoretically, will take care of these projects.

For his part, Matt Reeves is working on a sequel to The Batman , but not only. There is already a spin-off series focusing on Colin Farrell ‘s Penguin coming to HBO Max, which is scheduled to take place next year. Reeves is also meeting writers and directors to make films focusing on Batman villains, from the most famous to the lesser known, such as the Scarecrow and Clayface.

Currently, the studio is waiting for a script for Wonder Woman 3 signed by Patty Jenkins , while that of the sequel to The Flash is already written – further proof of how much Warner is betting on the project, made problematic by the recent woes of star Ezra Miller . The script was signed by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick , screenwriter of Aquaman .

The search for new leadership

Much is happening, although some insiders say that the lack of leadership is currently making itself felt in DC. Warner Bros. Discovery president David Zaslav attempted to give the job – dubbed the “Kevin Feige” of the DC universe – to Dan Lin , but the negotiations didn’t go through. For now it appears that Michael De Luca , head of Warner Bros. Pictures along with Pam Abdy , is taking the place of the eventual DC boss, but there is also the possibility that De Luca himself will be promoted to this position. On the other hand, De Luca is a lover of comics and has a great knowledge of them. He himself gave the green light to Joker: Folie à Deux  and is supervisingAquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash .

Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson said, on the Black Adam red carpet , he wanted to help find a new executive:

The best position for me at DC would be as a consultant, a role in which I could help. I love DC, it’s part of me […]. I’m here to help out in any way I can, including looking for and finding the right leader (s).