James Webb is ready to go: The most powerful telescope completed its deployment

Two weeks after taking off into space, the James Webb Telescope has officially completed its deployment process. 


The most powerful space telescope on Earth , James Webb , has successfully completed its last phase of deployment alongside its main mirror. The successor to the famous Hubble telescope , it launched on December 25, 2021 on a mission to study the earliest stars and look back at the universe’s past.

During today’s work, James Webb managed to fully deploy his main mirror, kicking off the final phase of the official deployment.

Ready to go

James Webb is already in his final configuration to begin, in just over five months, his exploration of the cosmos. Space telescope engineers have passed the halfway mark by hooking the starboard mirror of the observatory in place.

Webb is currently on a 29-day journey to his observation site, Lagrange point 2 (L2), nearly 1.6 million kilometers.