Jason Momoa certainly has a bright future in the DC Universe.

But fans are wondering which character he’ll play: will he continue with Aquaman , will he ditch it for Lobo , or will he play both? For now we only know that the actor is excited about his recent meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran , as we have seen in this video .

However, Momoa also has to think about the promotion of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom , and speaking with The Wrap he revealed the return of a surprising character: it is Topo , the octopus drummer we saw in the first film. As intelligent as a human being (judge for yourself whether this is flattering or not), Topo was created by Ramona Fradon in 1956, and is capable of playing various instruments. The actor said:

Oh yes. She will definitely come back. It’s hilarious. Marvelous. You will love it. I want you to remember this moment when you asked me. It might be one of the funniest moments in the whole movie.

Momoa also said he shot scenes “with a couple of different Batmans ,” but didn’t reveal which one ( Ben Affleck or Michael Keaton ) will be in the final cut.

The American release is expected for December 25, 2023 : it will therefore be the last film under the old management. We will keep you posted.

The synopsis

When an ancient power is unleashed, Aquaman must forge an uneasy partnership with an unlikely ally to protect Atlantis – and the world – from irreversible devastation.


As we know, the working title was Necrus , the name of an underwater city that appeared in Aquaman #30 . Nicknamed “the black city,” it is ruled by King Mongo , and is a highly militarized society that responds violently to any interference from the surface. It appears in a different spot on the globe each time, but only when an alien satellite enters Earth orbit. It’s possible that Wan drew inspiration from this element for the sequel.

The cast of the first film

The cast includes Jason Momoa ( Aquaman ), Amber Heard ( Mera ), Willem Dafoe ( Vulko ), Patrick Wilson ( Ocean Master ), Nicole Kidman ( Atlanna ), Temuera Morrison ( Thomas Curry ), Yahya Abdul Mateen II ( Black Manta ), Dolph Lundgren ( King Nereus ), Ludi Lin ( Murk ) and Randall Park ( Dr. Stephen Shin ).

The sequel

The sequel will star Jani Zhao ( Stingray ), Indya Moore ( Karshon ), Vincent Regan ( Atlan ), Pilou Asbæk and Ben Affleck ( Bruce Wayne / Batman ).


James Wan ( Insidious, The Conjuring, Fast and Furious 7 ) directed both the first film and the sequel.