Jeff Bezos considers Earth to be a ‘space tourist attraction’ in the future

Jeff Bezos believes that the Earth will not be able to accommodate all people and will become a kind of “protected national park.”

Jeff Bezos has referred to Earth  as a future “Yellowstone National Park” when space travel is more common.

The founder of Amazon and Blue Origin touched on the planet at the Ignatius Forum 2021, where he noted that the planet will become a tourist attraction of the universe.

“Over the centuries, most or many of the people will be born in space,” Bezos said on the forum, according to RealClearPolitics . “It will be your first home. They will be born in these colonies, they will live in these colonies. They can visit Earth in the same way that you would visit Yellowstone National Park. “

The future is out

Bezos emphasized that the Earth is “more precious planet” and that depends on us “preserve it and keep it “. However, he still believes that the future of humanity is not here, but in the solar system.

“This Earth can sustain 10 billion people to some extent,” he said, then added: “The solar system can support a trillion people, and we can continue to grow our civilization and increase our energy intensity.”

One option is to go to Mars, which, for him, is an “immense effort”, but that could be a lot by the people he estimates.

Bezos also predicted that one day there will be millions of off-world born in colonies floating in space. These supermassive structures would rotate to simulate gravity, “interstellar”, and could even have rivers and forests of their own.