Jeff Bezos offered Tom Hanks a trip to space … if he paid $ 28 million

Jeff Bezos’ offer was not attractive enough for the Hollywood star .

Apparently William Shatner was not Jeff Bezos’ only option to travel to space on a Blue Origin company rocket .

Bebbbbzos offered Tom Hanks a space trip , according to the actor on the Jimmy Kimmel show . Of course, there is a big difference.

Tom Hanks’ trip would have been paid for out of pocket, with a ticket costing a whopping $ 28 million.

What Tom Hanks told

When asked about the alleged offer, Tom Hanks confirmed it and gave more details.

“Yeah, but as long as it paid… and you know, it costs $ 28 million or something. And look, I’m doing quite well, but I’m not going to pay 28 (million) dollars ”, he said.

Hanks prefers to simulate the experience. “You know what? We could simulate the experience of going into space. It’s a 12 minute drive, right? (…) I don’t need to spend 28 million dollars to do that ”, he concluded after joking about the subject.

A trip with an exorbitant price

Blue Origin raised precisely US $ 28 million in an auction for the flight in which Jeff Bezos participated. This sum was paid by Oliver Daemen , just 18 years old.