Jeff Bezos wants to take his girlfriend into space

Lauren Sanchez is planning to go into space with a group of women sometime in 2023.


Lauren Sánchez , girlfriend of billionaire Jeff Bezos, has indicated that she will fly into space in 2023 with a group of women.

The announcement was made by the couple themselves in an interview for CNN where multiple topics were touched on, including the tycoon’s philanthropy.

To space

Lauren plans to go “along with a large group of women” with Bezos’ company, Blue Origin, one of the most advanced in terms of space tourism.

Blue Origin has been commissioned to take celebrities, including William Shatner , to 100 kilometers of altitude, passing the so-called Karman line.

Bezos went into space in July 2021 , on the first human spaceflight for Blue Origin, his aerospace company. Also on the flight were his brother Mark; the then 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk, and the Dutch teenager Oliver Daemen.

Bezos’s girlfriend, yes, was clear when mentioning that only women will travel, ruling out her partner on the flight.

Common interest

According to Sánchez, the couple “are true teammates”, although “they tend to be a bit boring.”

She is the founder of Black Ops Aviaton , the first female-operated aerial filming and production company, as well as a trained pilot.

The couple also took the opportunity to announce that they will donate to Dolly Parton more than 100 million dollars for charity initiatives.

During Monday’s interview, Bezos forecast possible economic pain in the coming months. He encouraged both consumers and businesses to “take some risks out,” such as delaying the decision to buy an expensive new TV or keeping more assets parked in cash. It has been reported that Amazon plans to lay off up to 10,000 employees.