TMZ reports an update on the health of Jeremy Renner .


who was involved in an accident while shoveling snow with a snowcat on his property in Washoe County, Nevada.

Apparently, the snowcat accidentally ran over one of his legs. The actor lost a lot of blood, but a neighbor, a doctor, managed to apply a tourniquet to slow the bleeding before Renner was loaded aboard an air rescue helicopter.

Police treated the area as a crime scene. Apparently the snowcat is equipped with extensive safety measures that were supposed to prevent it from riding over Renner’s leg.

A source close to the actor claims that his injuries are “extensive”, and therefore that other parts of his body were injured in the accident.

Jeremy Renner was shoveling snow from his property to allow his family to leave the house after the heavy snowfall of the past few days. Police arrived on the scene at 8am and commandeered the snowcat. Renner was loaded onto the helicopter at approximately 9:50am.

The actor is currently in “critical but stable” condition. We will update you when we know more.