It has been nearly a week since the last update on the health condition of Jeremy Renner.

The victim of a serious accident on January 1, when he was run over by his own snowcat after helping a relative stuck in the snow with his car. We last saw Renner in his hospital bed, in a video in which his mother and sister kept him company. Now People reports a statement from his sister, Kym Renner , which sounds very positive:

We are very happy with his progress. Anyone who knows Jeremy knows that he’s a fighter and doesn’t give discounts. He is pulverizing all the goals of his path. We couldn’t be more optimistic about the road ahead of us.

The accident involving Jeremy Renner occurred on the morning of January 1 at his mountain home in Washoe County, Nevada. The actor was using his snowmobile to free a vehicle driven by a member of his family, which was stuck in heavy snow. Once the car was free, he got out to talk to the family member. At that point the snowcat, which weighs six tons, started moving and lost control. Renner tried to get on board but was overwhelmed by the vehicle. First aid was provided by neighbors who tried to stop the bleeding in his leg while waiting for paramedics. The actor was then operated on for chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

A few days after the incident, Renner had released a photo from the hospital , to reassure fans and friends. The photo was greeted by a riot of greeting messages from colleagues.