The libel trial that sees Johnny Depp fighting back ex-wife Amber Heard began in Virginia.


The actor’s lawyers used their opening speeches to put the spotlight on Amber Heard’s supposed lies perpetrated in recent years, lies that would have ruined Depp’s career.

Whose name would now be “associated with a lie”.

Attorney Camile Vasquez told jury members that Heard “accepted the role of a lifetime” when she accused Depp of domestic violence and subsequently wrote an editorial in the Washington Post in which “she painted herself before the world as a representative of the victims of abuse “. The actor’s attorneys went so far as to suggest that the editorial was written with the intention of advertising Aquaman ‘s release .

“Now he can’t back down,” Vasquez continued:

He has lived and breathed this lie for years now. And she prepared to give her life’s performance of her in this process. But this process is based on evidence.

The strategy

Attorney Benjamin Chew explained that the legal team will focus on the veracity of the domestic violence allegations made by the actress following an argument with Johnny Depp on May 21, 2016, after he said he wanted a divorce:

‘Evidence will show that, six days after Mr. Depp filed for a divorce, and did so politely, and three days after Ms. Heard’s attorney threatened Mr. Depp with allegations of abuse if he did not accept the financial demands of her, Ms. Heard came to the Los Angeles, California, court to apply for a restraining injunction for alleged abuse. Evidence will show that Ms. Heard showed up with a mark on her face that appeared mysteriously six days after she last saw Mr. Depp, and six days before she publicly applied for a restraining injunction for domestic violence based on alleged abuses.

Chew added:

Evidence will show that his press secretary and the paparazzi were present at the courthouse to document the event, and to make sure that Johnny Depp’s name was forever associated with the image of an innocent woman who was the victim of violence.

The impact on Johnny Depp’s career

And finally:

A false claim can destroy a career and it can destroy a family. And the evidence will show that Ms. Heard’s false claims had a significant impact on Mr. Depp’s family and her ability to work in the profession she loved, and he loved to bring joy to everyone.

Camile Vasquez added that she and colleagues will also question the veracity of Amber Heard’s injuries, and prove she was the one who was abusive.

Amber Heard’s point of view

For their part, Amber Heard’s attorney painted a very different picture in their speeches. Attorney Ben Rottenborn said:

Amber Heard never wanted to reveal the real Johnny Depp to the public. But she will emerge in the course of this process. You’ll see who the real Johnny Depp is.

That is a “monster” that, as the lawyer Eliane Bredehoft explained , “emerged when [Depp] drank and took drugs”.

Speaking of the Amber Heard editorial, in which Depp’s name is never mentioned, Rottenborn added that “it is not about Johnny Depp”:

The article talks about the social change that supports them and that the First Amendment protects.

The lawyer also questioned the idea that the editorial cost Depp a number of roles, including one in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga :
Evidence will show that Disney had a dossier about him, which contained press articles and had other information about Mr. Depp, but they didn’t have this article at all in their files, they didn’t realize it, just as the public didn’t. realized.

Finally, Bredehoft said they would prove that the incident in which Depp cut his finger was in fact an act of “self-mutilation”.

We are only at the beginning of a process that already promises to be a difficult media circus to manage.