It’s official, Jurassic World: The domain will also be distributed in China from 10 June , at the same time as the US release. For the occasion, these posters were released:


Meanwhile, the country continues to suffer from clusters of COVID-19 infections that have resulted in mass closures in some cities and the temporary closure of many cinemas.

In Shanghai, which has been closed for five weeks, there is talk of an easing of restrictions while new ones could be implemented in the capital Beijing.

The government has also imposed a blanket ban on all travel abroad, except essential ones.

The state of the Chinese box office

The takings continue to be lousy, just $ 11.4M grossed last weekend.

Box office China, May 14-15:
Too Bad Sat: ¥ 12.4M / $ 1.8M, Sun: ¥ 10.3M / $ 1.5M, Tot: ¥ 129.8M / $ 19.1M (Sept. 3)
Stay with Me Sat: ¥ 5.3M / $ 0.8M, Sun: ¥ 4.1M / $ 0.6M, Tot: ¥ 134.3M / $ 19.8M (Week 3)
Man on the Edge Sat: ¥ 3.4M / $ 0.5M, Sun: ¥ 3.4M / $ 0.5M, Tot: ¥ 115.9M / $ 17.1M (Sept. 5)
Dumbledore’s Secrets Sat: ¥ 3.1M / $ 0.5M, Sun: ¥ 2.6M / $ 0.4M, Tot: ¥ 167.5M / $ 24.7M
Hotel Transylvania 4 Sat: ¥ 2.5M / $ 0.4M, Sun: ¥ 2.3M / $ 0.3M, Tot: ¥ 94.2M / $ 13.9M (Sept. 6)

For the second week Too Bad remained in first place, grossing ¥ 26.5 ($ 3.9M) from Friday to Saturday for a total of ¥ 129.8M / $ 19.1M. Stay With Me, Man on the Edge, Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets and Hotel Transylvania 4
follow .

Unsurprisingly, several Chinese distributors have decided to postpone numerous releases until at least the end of the summer. Meanwhile, some Hollywood films have managed to get permission, but have had to lower expectations considerably. This week will be the turn of Downton Abbey: A New Era .

Furthermore, we must take into account the weakening of the value of the Chinese Yuan against the US dollar, -7% compared to three months ago. The present value is ¥ 6.80 for $ 1.

The current year’s cinema receipts amounted to $ 2.20 billion (according to the latest exchange rates), -36% compared to the same period in 2021.