After the success of the Yellowstone series , which gave him a well deserved push, Kevin Costner is ready to finally get back behind the camera. The project is, as usual for the director of Dances with Wolves , a western. It will be called Horizon and will be his first director since 2003, when Terra di confine – Open Range was released . Shooting on Horizon will begin in Utah on August 29. In addition to directing it, Costner will play, produce and finance with his Territory Pictures. The casting will start in February.


Horizon is a project that Costner has long aspired to do, an epic western that has the same ambitious scope asDances with Wolves , his directorial debut which gave him Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture, and won seven statuettes in total. .

At the heart of Horizon is the conquest of the West, told over fifteen years from the period before to after the American Civil War. Kevin Costner told Deadline :

American expansion into the West was fraught with dangers and intrigues, from the natural elements to the interaction with the indigenous peoples who lived in the territories, to the determination and often ruthlessness of those who sought to colonize them. Horizon tells the story of that journey in an honest and open way, highlighting the views and consequences of decisions between the characters’ life and death.

Few but good

Kevin Costner has only directed three films in his career. The only one we haven’t mentioned here so far is The Day After Man , who is also the only not purely western of the three, but which, despite being set in post-apocalyptic America, has many characteristics of the genre.