Kevin Feige confirms that Scarlett Johansson is working on a Marvel project as a producer

President of Marvel Studios gave a brief taste of what is to come, in the partnership that remained intact even after the lawsuit against Disney.

When it was announced that Scarlett Johansson , shortly after she finally released her Black Widow solo film, was suing Disney for breach of contract, it was assumed that her partnership with Marvel had come to an end . The character of Natasha Romanoff, who died in “Avengers: Ultimatum” , would no longer have a future in the MCU, so the process only confirmed the goodbye to Avenger. But while that may still be the case for Natasha, Scarlett doesn’t intend to leave the studio.

During an American Cinematheque ceremony, in which Johansson was being honored, Kevin Feige , president of Marvel Studios, confirmed that she was still involved with the MCU, in a “top secret project”, unrelated to the Black Widow, and as a producer. The actress served in the character’s solo film, being instrumental in bringing director Cate Shortland on board, ensuring the story honors Natasha, and choosing the family that led the feature. Feige praised her for that, saying, “she’s a very smart producer” . See the moment in the video below:

There aren’t any other details about what that project would be, but it’s comforting to think that the relationship between the actress and Marvel remains friendly. Not only that, but also the relationship with Disney, where Johansson develops “Tower of Terror” . The lawsuit against the company was announced at the end of July, and resolved in September – understand – after a time in which the dynamics of hybrid releases and how this model affects the relationship with the talent involved were questioned.

Speaking about the issue, Johansson explained to THR :

“It was a surreal moment, because of course the movie had come out and it was successful, and it was a huge celebration. I had just had a baby so it was obviously something that changed my life, amazing and celebratory. In a way, it kept me steady in this most uncertain and stressful time. I feel for the most part fortunate that no one has had to go through what I went through, and it made me think it made a positive impact on the industry, and hopefully the lives and professions of artists and creators.”