During an episode of his podcast, Kevin Smith revealed that, after Clerks III  he will dedicate himself to another sequel… that of Tusk .


The film will be titled Tusks (stylized as Tusk $ ) and will see the return of Justin Long as Wallace Bryton. The intention is to have it released in 2024, ten years after the original. This confirms what has already been said by Long, who in the past had confessed to having talked with Kevin Smith about a potential sequel, in which his co-stars Genesis Rodriguez and Haley Joel Osment would also have been involved .

Smith explains:

Since my heart attack, I know my days are numbered. 2024 will mark Tusk ‘s 10th anniversary . We could let it go and look forward, but I still have something to tell, there’s a reason we left it in the zoo at the end. I always knew, while we were making the film, that I would like to make another one. I thought we would still have the great Michael Parks with us , but sadly, that’s not the case. But I know we’ll have Justin.

The director reveals some plot details:

I immediately thought, “Well, eventually they’ll get it out of that walrus skin and try to rehabilitate it.” But, like Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight , he will never be able to see himself any other way. At that point he becomes Howard Howe [Parks character], Justin Long becomes this madman who tries to turn people into something else, into chimeras, half-human and half-something else. Last time he was a walrus, this time… you’ll see.

The title will be Tusks , stylized however with the “$” of the dollar:

Just like when James Cameron proposed Aliens to producers, Tusks ‘ “S” will be rendered with the dollar sign. It has to do with the plot of the film, but it also serves to openly communicate my ambition to correct the past.

Kevin Smith finally said that he would like to take Tusk $ on tour as he is doing now with Clerks III , and as he has done in the past with Red State .