Kia Challenge: a TikTok challenge that ended in a deadly crash

New challenge that encourages theft of Kia and Hyundai cars has gained popularity, report police departments in the United States .


The accident that ended in the death of four teenagers in Buffalo, New York, would be associated with a TikTok “challenge” .

The teens crashed a Kia car stolen by one of their 16-year-old friends, shooting a video for the so-called ” Kia Challenge ” that went viral on TikTok . Only one of the occupants survived.

According to the authorities in the NY Post , the teenagers would have had the idea to steal the car due to the “challenge”, which encourages people to steal Kia and Hyundai cars using phone chargers.

In the “ Kia Challenge ”, TikTok users start cars using a USB cable and a screwdriver.

A TikTok challenge that worries

According to the NY Post , police departments in the United States have reported an increase in Kia and Hyundai car thefts since the challenge became more viral on TikTok in mid-2022.