King Charles III’s real estate firm sues Twitter for non-payments in London

Crown Estate has opened a lawsuit against Twitter for failure to pay for its offices in London . The firm also manages the properties of King Carlos III.


A real estate firm that manages King Charles III properties is suing Twitter over non-payment for its London offices.

Crown Estate has carried out legal proceedings against the company because, despite the fact that Twitter has already withdrawn signs and logos, it continues to occupy the offices of the capital of the United Kingdom.

Lawsuits against Twitter

Twitter , since the arrival of Elon Musk, has tried to control the expenses that are made by laying off staff and doing without basic services such as cleaning.

On the other hand, Musk has also been rethinking his contracts with third parties that have already been made, failing to pay many of them, such as the one for the offices. In San Francisco, for example, the owner of the headquarters has also taken legal action against the social network.

Insider has pointed out that New York offices are infested with cockroaches, while staff complain about dirty bathrooms even with clogged toilets.

In Singapore, too, many employees were temporarily evicted for lack of pay.

What does Carlos III have to do with this?

Crown Estate manages properties totaling more than $19.2 billion in value.

Within his 241 London properties is the Twitter office which, in reality, ultimately belongs to Carlos III.

Three-quarters of the Crown Estate ‘s income goes to public spending in Britain, while the rest goes into the coffers of the royal family.