Sony Pictures has communicated the release dates of Knights of the Zodiac.


the live-action of the Knights of the Zodiac , in different territories, revealing that we will be released on June 26th. In the USA the film will arrive on May 12, while, as we already knew, in Japan it will be released even earlier, on April 28. Here are the other dates now announced:

  • April 27 – Brazil, Mexico, Latin America
  • April 28 – Kenya, Romania
  • May 12 – Nigeria, Poland
  • May 16 – Germany
  • May 24 – France
  • May 25 – Middle East, Czech Republic, Portugal
  • May 26 – Spain, Bulgaria
  • June 23 – South Africa
  • July 28 – United Kingdom

We specify that Deadline reports the news and signals the release of June 23 in South Africa after that of June 26 in Italy, which means that it could be a typo and that there the film could instead be released on July 23. Here, Knights of the Zodiac should be distributed by Eagle Pictures, like all Sony films.


Mackenyu  ( Pacific Rim: Uprising ) plays Seiya, a street orphan. When a mystical energy known as Cosmos awakens within him, Seiya embarks on a journey to conquer the ancient Greek armor of Pegasus and choose sides in a superhuman battle for the fate of Sienna (Madison Iseman), a young girl trying to control her god powers.

The cast

They are part of the cast Mackenyu (Seiya), Madison Iseman (Sienna/Athena), Famke Janssen (Guraad, leader of a secret organization that aims to seize the power of the goddess Athena; the character was introduced in the CGI series for Netflix, where he was a man) and Sean Bean (Alman Kiddo, a man who recruits Seiya into the order of Knights he founded when he discovered the reincarnated goddess).

Rounding out the cast are Nick Stahl (Cassius), Mark Dacascos (Mylock) and Diego Tinoco as Nero (Phoenix), a man hired to kill the vulnerable goddess.

Polish animator and special effects creator  Tomasz Baginski ( The Witcher ) directed the film. Josh Campbell  and  Matt Stuecken  ( 10 Cloverfield Lane ) wrote the latest version of the screenplay. Andy Cheng ( Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ) is the stunt and fight coordinator.