Laptops: What are brands doing to make them more attractive?

OLED screens could be the future of laptops , but there are obstacles.

The computer market is not going through its best moment, with a 29% drop, according to figures from the market analysis company IDC .

This edition of Computex , the main computer-related technology fair, in Taiwan demonstrates what actions laptop brands are taking to recover and stimulate new sales.

The commitment to OLED screens

Bloomberg reports how several laptop brands are opting to equip their computers with OLED screens , a technology that is increasingly common in cell phones .

OLED panels offer more vibrant colors and higher contrast than traditional LCDs . Of course, they can be more expensive.

“At Asus, we believe that OLED panels are the true future of laptop displays,” Samson Hu, Asus co-CEO, told Bloomberg .

Asus has been betting on OLED panels for years, particularly in its ZenBook series . The Taiwanese company is no longer alone.

Acer , Gigabyte , MSI and other brands unveiled new laptops with OLED displays at Computex , though there’s one hurdle: price.

IDC analysts indicate that it is not so easy to produce OLED panels of 15 inches or more. Also, there is one dominant player in the category: Samsung Display almost 100% of the market for OLED screens in laptops.

The entry of competitors such as BOE and LG Display could make this market more competitive, which could mark the future of laptops.