Later , one of Stephen King ‘s latest novels , will become a TV series produced by Blumhouse Television and starringLucy Liu . Raelle Tucker ( True Blood, Jessica Jones ) developed the project and wrote the pilot.


Later centers on Tia, Jamie’s literary agent and single mother, a young boy who is able to talk to ghosts (and always have them tell the truth). When the lead author of his agency dies before finishing the book that is supposed to save Tia from bankruptcy, Jamie begins to let the writer dictate the rest of the novel and Tia writes it and then publishes it in the author’s name, finding success. . But Jamie’s gift can also be used for more nefarious purposes. Tia’s girlfriend, a detective, discovers what the little boy is capable of and Jamie soon finds himself embroiled in something bigger than him and very dangerous.

Blumhouse is also working on a Netflix film that will adapt the short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone , from the collection If Blood Runs . Directed by John Lee Hancock ( The Blind Side, Until the Last Clue ) Mr. Harrigan’s Phone will star Donald Sutherland and Jaeden Martell . Filming has recently concluded. King said:

I have wanted to collaborate with Jason Blum for years, and now we have TWO projects together. Come on me!

Producer Jason Blum replied:

I’ve wanted to collaborate with Stephen King since before I was born, which sounds impossible until you remember he’s Stephen King.

Tucker adds:

Later is terrifying, touching and extraordinarily weird. Of course it is, it’s Stephen King. Adapting one of my all-time favorite writers, with an incredible partner like Blumhouse, is a dream come true.