Please make yourself comfortable, because we have a gigantic rumor for you. Thanks to a recent data mine from GeForce NowNVIDIA’s game streaming service, a user named Igor July has discovered a massive list of PlayStation titles that will eventually be coming to PC. Similarly, references to several games were found that have not yet been even announced.

Before telling you more about this rumor, it is essential to note that all this information is accurate. You can even see it yourself if you wish, so we are not talking about a simple social media rumor. However, there is also no guarantee that the information is accurate, so for the moment, we suggest you take all this with reserve. But boy, there are a lot of exciting things here.

So what exactly was discovered? Let’s start with all the game references found in this datamine :

– Chrono Cross Remaster

– Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster

– Final Fantasy IX Remake

– Kingdom Hearts IV

– Resident Evil 4 Remake 

– Street Fighter 6

– Dragon’s Dogma 2 

– Monster Hunter 6

– Grand Theft Auto Remasters

– BioShock 2022

– Mirror’s Edge Remaster

– Untitled Respawn Game

– Titanfall 3

– Tekken 8

– The Talos Principle 2

– Crysis 4

– Batman Arkham Knight Remaster

– XCOM 3

– Injustice 3: Gods Will Fall

– Destroy All Humans 3

– Sniper Elite 5

– Cities: Skylines 2

– Fight for Middle-Earth

– Mortal Kombat XII

– Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remaster 

– Helldivers 2

This database also includes several games published by Sony, potentially suggesting that more than one first-party PlayStation game will be coming to PC eventually. The specific list includes:

– God of War (2018)

– Horizon Forbidden West

– Gran Turismo 7

– Returnal

– Demon’s Souls

– Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

– Sackboy: A Big Adventure

– Ghost of Tsushima

Again, it’s important to note that all of this information was sourced from GeForce Now servers , and even at the time of writing, dataminers are still looking to see what else they can salvage from this situation.