Learn programming: These are some languages ​​you should know

There are some technological languages ​​that are not that complicated and are basic for anyone who wants to have simple programming skills .


There are programming languages ​​that are quite simple to learn and that are basic if someone wants to enter the world of programs , in addition, they are also the most popular and used, which makes them the first options to learn. To learn about any subject, it is always better to start with the easiest part and gradually increase the difficulty, this happens in all areas, when we talk about technological areas this technique is applied even more. 

Below, you will see a list of 4 programming languages ​​that are currently the most popular on the market.



This is a programming language that Google designed in 2009, over time it became more and more popular, the main idea is that it be as easy to use as Python but without having to sacrifice the speed of C++. Go, in a language divided into several components that can be used in different areas of the program , this character is called procedural.


Java is the most famous programming language in the world, a place it has held for several years. Java was developed in 1995, its main characteristic is that its versatility can really be used for most things, from applications to video games. Many people confuse it with Java script, but they are not related.



Left behind for several years, Python is a programming language that made a strong comeback when programmers realized that it was perfect for creating artificial intelligence. When it was created in the 1980s, such technology did not exist and it could not be used as much. The advantage of this language is that it is primarily made for learning, so the commands are normal English words.



Javascript is a programming language that has features of Java and C language, but the way to use it is not the same. Something in its favor is that since it is based on the hierarchy and its structure is good, it becomes easy to follow the flow of the program . However, in order to use it, you must know other languages, such as PHP.