Lego are better investments than gold, study finds

The Lego discontinued grow 11% annually of its value.


In the investment world, many people want to safeguard their money in gold, the stock market, or cryptocurrencies. But perhaps they should have their eye on a very different market: Lego.

According to research by economists from the Moscow Higher School of Economics (HSE) , it is better to buy  discontinued Lego than other assets.

Gold legos

The Lego, created by the Danish company of the same name, are plastic blocks that work as pieces for the construction of toy buildings.

In their research, HSE experts compared more than 2,322  unopened Lego from 1987 to 2015, in addition to analyzing pertinent information on primary sales and virtual auction transactions.

According to Business Insider , the study showed that toys grow at least 11% annually.

This percentage is higher than that of the annual return on gold , large stocks, bonds, and other alternatives, such as investments in wine or antiques.

The primary factor that determines the high profitability of investments in Lego, according to the study, is the low supply and high demand that the products have. As for collectibles, there are a small number of sets produced and very few people who want to sell theirs, but many who want to buy them, so the prices go up exponentially.

Of course, the values ​​of Lego  begin to rise two or three years after the toy is withdrawn from the market.