LG achieves 6G transmission speed record

5G is not yet widely adopted, but some are already thinking about what is coming. & how LG researchers completed a data transmission at 6G speed at a record distance of more than 100 meters in open space.

This record was achieved in conjunction with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute in Germany and constitutes a milestone because, until now, 6G THz (terahertz) networks only allow short-range connections.

On LG’s official site, they explain that one of the biggest challenges in the first advances of 6G is the power needed for a signal to remain stable in ultra-wideband frequencies.

For this experiment, LG and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid Physics achieved that power with an amplifier jointly developed.

It is a small advance in the work that various companies are doing towards a 6G future. However, the technology still has several years to go before it reaches end consumers; LG estimates that the rollout could begin in 2025, while Huawei hopes to have it ready by 2030.

Not only will 6G technology be up to 50 times faster than 5G, but it will also reduce latency by up to 90 percent. It is precisely one of the significant advances of 5G since lower latency reduces response times and communication between two or more devices.

The 6G could also favor connections between equipment on Earth and satellite, according to Huawei. However, this is still far from reality, as 5G is just beginning to standardize.