LG shows off its customizable refrigerators with LED lights

LG ‘s proposal includes speakers and can be “adapted to the user’s mood.”

LG has shown at the IFA in Berlin a new alternative to give even more personality to the kitchen.

LG ‘s new MoodUP line features refrigerators with doors that can change color.

These are also capable of playing music through integrated speakers.

Changing color with an app

Users will be able to choose 22 colors for the top panel and 19 for the bottom panel, which they can control through the LG ThinQ app .

This also has configurations according to different “moods”, seasons, among others.

Bluetooth speakers on MoodUp refrigerators can be connected to play audio from sources such as cell phones, tablets or laptops. And of course, the refrigerator panels can change color to sync with the music.

The lights also serve to offer other options. If the door sensor detects that a compartment has been left open, the doors will flash repeatedly.