LG to release 42″ OLED TVs optimized for video games in 2022

Microsoft announced a series of televisions and monitors designed to extract maximum performance from Xbox Series S/X consoles in late June.

It looks like these types of devices will become more and more common as a new rumour suggests that LG will release new 42″ OLED TVs in early 2022, targeting the gaming audience.

The rumour comes from The Korea Economic Daily, the same newspaper that recently provided details about QD-screen Samsung TVs with QD-OLED technology.

Remember that LG Display deals with the manufacture of TV panels and not the final product, a task performed by LG Electronics. Therefore, it is expected that there is a certain amount of time between the availability of the panels and the sale of televisions.

Some internal industry sources claim that LG Electronics initially planned to launch 42″ OLEDs in the second half of 2021. of January.

The 42″ model, which we believe is always equipped with Ultra HD resolution, will further expand the offering by bringing the line of OLED TVs (not just from LG: panels are supplied for almost every major brand in the market) in one range that was not covered previously, as currently, the most miniature model available is 48″.

According to recent information, it is very likely that the new 42″ models will be a product optimized for use with next-generation video game consoles (and in this case also for PCs) or PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The meaning of “optimized for consoles” should be translated into a complete set of a 100/120 Hz refresh rate and support for various HDMI 2.1 features, such as Auto Low Latency Mode and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), present in virtually all models in LG’s 2021 lineup, called HDMI Forum VRR, G-Sync and FreeSync Premium. It is also likely that we will have the presence of HGiG, the standard created to ensure the correct display of games in HDR and Dolby Vision in Ultra HD at 120 Hz, released this year by LG with firmware updates.

If the rumours are confirmed, LG’s new 42″ OLED screens will be exciting for a public segment that can’t or doesn’t want to focus on more extensive products. At the moment, it’s not easy to find such a complete device under 48″/ 55″.