Linda Yaccarino claims to be inspired by Elon Musk to create ‘a brighter future’ with Twitter

The new CEO of Twitter has given her first statements since the official announcement of her appointment to the senior position of the social network.


Linda Yaccarino gave her first comments on the important role of CEO of Twitter , a position that Elon Musk has given her in recent days.

Yaccarino quoted Musk’s Twitter post and thanked him, saying, “I have long been inspired by your vision to create a brighter future. I’m excited to help bring this vision to Twitter and transform this business together!”

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In said message, the new CEO also added. “I’m not as prolific as @elonmusk (yet!), but I’m just as committed to the future of this platform.”

“Your feedback is VITAL to that future. I’m here for all of that,” he said. “Let’s keep the conversation going and build Twitter 2.0 together!”

Yaccarino resigned from his position at NBCUniversal before the official announcement was made. According to The Wall Street Journal , she was very friendly among her employees, but she also had tough negotiating skills.

She “has been inspired for a long time” by the billionaire and interviewed him at a publicity conference last month. Yaccarino applauded Musk’s work ethic, quipping, “Dude, I found my match.”