MacBook Air M2: How good is Apple’s new lightweight laptop?

Apple released its second generation MacBook Air with Apple Silicon with several changes. It’s worth it?


Buying a Macbook was entering a world of overheating computers with very prone to failure keyboards… until 2020 when Apple revamped its laptops by debuting its own Apple Silicon processors .

The 2020 MacBook Air with the M1 processor marked a new era for Apple , which recently brought out its successor, the MacBook Air M2 . It’s worth it?

MacBook Air M2: new design “more pro” than ever

Apple has brought the design of its latest MacBook Pro and iPhone to this laptop, opting for sharper edges in an even more compact device.

The screen grows to 13.6 inches and in Apple ‘s own move , it brings us a “notch” or notch for the webcam that is now Full HD with a greater ability to capture details than its predecessor. More than enough for video calls.

This renewed combo is accompanied by a very good screen for content playback.

As for the keyboard of the MacBook Air M2 , it is broader in its function keys and includes a giant and fast fingerprint reader on the power button.