Man arrested in China for using ChatGPT to write fake news

The Chinese citizen shared fake news created by ChatGPT on his social media trying to “stir up fights.”


A subject was detained by the authorities in Gansu, China , after sharing false news created by ChatGPT through internet portals.

As detailed by the South China Morning Post , the man did it in order to “generate fights and discussions on the internet.”

To jail

For the local police, the citizen “used artificial intelligence technology to invent false and false information.”

The fake news story in question falsely claimed that nine people had been killed in a train accident in late April. Several different versions of the story were reportedly posted on Baijihao, a news blog-like social network run by Chinese search engine Baidu.

The report indicates that the suspect specifically used ChatGPT , which, while not available in China, is easily accessed via a VPN.

He was charged, according to local police, with “picking fights and causing trouble,” a broad charge that can ultimately result in five to 10 years in prison.

strict laws

China has recently launched regulations against artificial intelligence and its threat of creating false information.

Known as the “Deep Synthesis Administrative Provisions for Internet Information Service,” the new law, which took effect in January, requires all AI-edited content to be explicitly labeled and to include its original source from life. real.

It also requires anyone using generative software to edit someone’s voice or image to alert the person in question and obtain their consent to do so.