Mark Zuckerberg believes the metaverse will improve people’s quality of life

Meta will reveal more information in its metaverse previews next October.


Mark Zuckerberg is confident in the benefits that the metaverse hopes to bring and has pointed out that it “could even improve people’s quality of life.”

This was pointed out in his conversation with Joe Rogan on his podcast, one of the most listened to in the entire United States.

The metaverse is coming

Zuckerberg wants his users to enter this digital universe at key moments in their day-to-day life, without having to spend all their time in it.

“I don’t want people to spend more time in front of their screens,” he explained. “I just want the time people spend in front of them to be better.”

In addition, the metaverse , according to him, will improve people’s well-being, a statement that contrasts with the lawsuits against Instagram and Facebook -owned by Meta- for causing emotional problems and eating disorders in adolescents.

In part, its goal is to replace traditional television: people will be able to see it through glasses and not on a television screen.

“It can be a big improvement in people’s well-being in general,” he added.

news soon

On October 11, the company will celebrate a new Meta Connect together with its Reality Labs division to give us details of the progress of its digital construction, with a glimpse of what they call “the future”.

Although we do not have details of what will be presented, we can infer that it will be the precise date for Meta to launch the so-called Cambria Project, the new virtual reality lens that it is preparing together with Oculus. Precisely, Mark Zuckerberg himself had indicated that these were going to be revealed in October.